Watch Movies Online Instantly

Did you know you can watch thousands of movies and popular TV series instantly with Netflix?

It's called Netflix Watch Instantly and it lets you watch movies instantly on your computer or internet-connected TV. Now it's unlimited with a Netflix monthly plan!

How Does it Work?

Netflix Free Trial 1.

A small sample of what's available for instant viewing:

  1. Heroes (Seasons 1 and 2)
  2. The Office (Seasons 1,2,3)
  3. The Italian Job
  4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  5. Pan's Labyrinth
  6. The Sum of All Fears
  7. Super Size Me
  8. Letters from Iwo Jima
  9. Team America: World Police
  10. The Last of the Mohicans
  11. Pink Panther
  12. Down Periscope
  13. Orange County
  14. Sherrybaby
  15. Blame It on Fidel
  16. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  17. The Usual Suspects
  18. 30 Rock (Season 1)
  19. Casablanca
  20. The World's Fastest Indian
    Plus Thousands More!
2. After you sign up, login and click on "browse instant" to view all the movies that are available for instant viewing. Click on the movie you want to watch.

Browse Instant
3. Click "Play" and follow the instructions to install the Netflix Movie Player (you only have to do this once).

Play Movie
4. Enjoy your movie! instantly streaming to your computer. Wasn't that easy?

Netflix movie playing

Once you get Netflix you'll be able to rent DVD's through the mail as well as watch movies online. You'll never watch movies the same way again after you realize how convenient Netflix's Watch Now service really is.

Here are just some of the benefits of this service:

  • You can skip to any part of the movie, fast forward or rewind.
  • Thousands of movies and TV shows available for instant viewing with more being added all the time.
  • It's completely legal because Netflix has these movies licensed for online viewing.
  • With the free trial, you can check out the service with nothing to lose.

Before 2008 you could only watch a limited number of hours using the Watch Now sevice, but now that restriction has been lifted on all unlimited Netflix plans.

If you have any questions about this service, contact us.