Netflix On Demand Movies

MovieSince 1998 Netflix has been pioneering the home movie watching experience. Over the past decade Netflix has solidifed itself as the online movie rental leader with its legendary DVD's by mail service. For as low as $4.99 / month customers could get DVD's delivered to their homes by mail. DVD's would arrive within one business day for the vast majority of Americans.

MovieIn response to consumer demand for instant entertainment, in 2006 Netflix launched Watch Now - a service that let any subscriber stream movies over the internet. At the time the service launched to select areas and included over 2,000 movie and television titles. Since launching this feature, Netflix has since made its on demand service available to all subscribers and has expanded the selection of available titles to over 6,000, with more to be added in the future. The number of hours that a person could watch was equal to their monthly plan. For example if you had the $17.99 plan you could watch 18 hours worth of on demand movies.

In January of 2008 Netflix took the unprecedented step of making their on demand movies unlimited t to all subscribers on plans $8.99 and up. Now there is only one Netflix streaming plan and it includes unlimited streaming movies through Netflix Watch Now!

For a sample of what movies are available, check out the href="/netflix/movie-list">Netflix Watch Now movie list.